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The importance of UEBT in the cosmetics world

What is UEBT?


UEBT stands for Union For Ethical BioTrade, and is a non-profit association that promotes the ethical sourcing of botanical natural ingredients.

The association supports and reviews companies' commitments to sourcing natural ingredients with the aim of contributing to a world in which all people and biodiversity thrive.


What is the role of members?


UEBT members promote practices that regenerate nature and ensure a better future for all people through the ethical sourcing of biodiversity-derived ingredients.

As part of our membership in UEBT since 2021, we have implemented a work plan to focus on key levers and have set objectives with a view to continuously improving our sourcing practices.

We have notably reflected on how the group can positively contribute to biodiversity preservation.


What actions can a member undertake?


In 2022, the company conducted a biodiversity survey both on the production site (studying the impact of filtering gardens and the biodiversity that develops there, studying the soil of the organically cultivated plot under greenhouses) and in the surrounding areas (woods, meadows, ditches). This study consists of 4 steps:

To make a positive contribution to the preservation of biodiversity and respect for human rights, the Group is making a twofold commitment:

On the one hand, by checking its major supply chains with the help of UEBT experts.

On the other, by making a commitment as a company through an action plan drawn up in partnership with the UEBT and adapted to the company's level of maturity.

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