When mental well-being and physical appearance are interconnected

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Here we go for a new year full of projects

2024 is here! We're ready to continue our quest for innovation and efficiency in the world of cosmetics, and to take on new challenges! We'll be continuing our work on bioth-ecology, on the sustainability of our processes, on upcycled sourcing, etc.

This year, we'll be highlighting four major cosmetics themes, and we'll tell you why.


According to Spate, there are an average of 8,500 searches each month in the United States for "Barrier Repair", representing an increase of 67.9% over last year.

When asked what your main beauty concerns are, 31% say the impact of hormones (panel of 710 people worldwide). Skin dryness and discomfort due to the menopause topped the list of annoyances.

Out of over 7,000 people surveyed worldwide, 88% believe that the quality of their skin has an impact on their self-confidence.

71% of a global panel of over 7,000 people attach importance to the beauty and health of their hair.


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