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Corail Artefact is a project that brings together Art, Science Industry and Education. 
Its goal is to try to find solutions against the degradation and disappearance of coral reefs in the world. To do this, its creator, Jérémy Gobé, has invented a project to help and accelerate the reproduction of coral reefs all started when he noticed a strong similarity between the lace of Puy en Velay, also called «point d’esprit», and the coral that inspired his work as an artist. 


Accompanied by some partners, Jérémy tested a theory where he used a traditional cotton lace with patterns similar to coral. Capable of technically imitating processes implemented by nature, the lace was put in contact with coral at different stages of its life and through these tests Jérémy Gobé and his team have proven that coral can grown on lace.


The advantage of using this fabric is that it can be woven with plant tissue, and in this case, biodegrade in the water once the coral reef has regenerated enough.


Corail Artefact is collaborating with Codif Technologie Naturelle to create new samples of these lace coral reef regeneration supports. Jérémy Gobé has indeed identified natural extracts, produced by the company, which, integrated into the lace, increase its performance, while respecting its environment. 


Since September 2020, Codif TN and Corail Artefact have been working together to identify, produce and integrate in the regeneration supports of the coral reefs, extracts of marine origin, Made in Brittany. The new lace samples, resulting from this collaboration, are currently being tested in Guadeloupe, in an outdoor seawater aquarium, to be as close as possible to real conditions.


Codif Technologie Naturelle is very proud to be part of this project to be able to engage with organizations that share the same values and to be a business a company that reflects these values in the product of its active ingredients

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