When mental well-being and physical appearance are interconnected

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Everything started in 2006 when we decided to take on a student to write a thesis on “Developing a cellular culture of Jania Rubens”. This macroalgae has incredible properties, but it is slow-growing and there is a significant risk of overexploiting it. So the company considered a simple question: “how can we grow the algae without having a negative impact on nature?”


After many trials, they decided to use photo-bioreactor cultivation, a first for the cultivation of calcified macro-algae.


This year, after 10 years of industrial cultivation, Codif has reached 1 tonne of dry matter produced in total. That tonne was produced from a single purified fragment that has been multiplied and serves as a strain for seeding all the cultures. The fragment weighs about 1 milligram dry. Codif has gone from 1 milligram to 1 billion milligrams, without any new sampling!


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