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Cutting edge cosmetic

Founded in 2002, CODIF was born from a continuing search for technological innovation and a sincere, humane commitment. We develop innovative active ingredients while pushing back the limits of traditional cosmetics to offer active material from the sea, plants and biotechnology that are totally new and feature ultra high performance.

Codif : Iconic ingredients


In 2002, we published our work on mitochondrial homeostasis and its impact on fibroblast aging. The development of an active ingredient able to preserve and revitalize the mitochondria introduced a new era for anti-aging strategy. Fibroblasts rejuvenate and Phycojuvenine becomes ICONIC.


In 2007, R&D Director Pierre-Yves Morvan presented our first work on the discovery of AQP8 proteins in human keratinocytes at the Stratum Corneum Symposium in Cardiff. His intervention received an award, and eight months later Hydrasalinol won an innovation prize for its stimulating action on AQP8 synthesis. Today, it is one of the brand's best-sellers and has also given rise to many studies on the role of AQP8 proteins in cutaneous homeostasis.

Actiporine 8G

The AQP8 saga continued in 2013, when many new studies demonstrated the preponderant role of AQP8 proteins in detoxifying mitochondria. Actiporine 8G, the first active ingredient from a calcified alga grown in a photobioreactor, was also awarded an innovation prize for its stimulating action on AQP8 proteins in detoxification applications for slimming and anti-aging.


In 2015, our research team worked on nerve-fibroblast communication and elucidating the key role of nerve cell aging in overall skin aging. This gave rise to a new neurocosmetic target. Neuroguard won the Best Innovation Award at the Cosmetics show in April 2015 for its preventive and curative action on neurons aging in the skin.

Codif : Visionary founders

We are investors as well as pioneers. CODIF is currently one of the only remaining suppliers of cosmetic ingredients to have retained its regional and family identity. The policy of collaboration and investment implemented by founders Antoine Gédouin and Romuald Vallée supports the brand all the way from technological innovations to industrial investments. As generators of national research projects, talent scouts and thoughtful investors, these two men are dedicated to creating unique and technologically natural cosmetics for tomorrow's market.


In 2011, when CODIF acquired an equity interest in the company Polymaris,
a specialist in marine biotechnologies, we became the first brand to offer a full exopolysaccharide (EPS) line; these unique marine molecules have no equivalent on land.


In 2013, a unique innovation program was started under the name POLYMER.
This is a program of collaborative research, where private companies and public labs pool their expertise to develop glyco-cosmetics for the future. Their work on the discovery of new molecules and development of new study models.


HITEX, a specialist in supercritical CO2 technologies
was acquired jointly in 2015 with a company that is a market leader in scented compositions. New technological processes are being developed for the marketing of totally new extracts.