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Technological innovation

Innovation stemming from boundless curiosity

For us, curiosity is second nature. Our development managers have a keen ear and sharp intuition. Since we know that it's impossible to reinvent everything alone, our teams are on the lookout for the most original technological discoveries, and many of our innovations were created through the development of technological collaborations and partnerships. Two teams are dedicated to pushing innovation even further.

One of these teams works on the sourcing of our raw materials and the implementation of new industrial tools to master the most unexpected species and extract their unique active ingredients. The other works on the implementation of the most advanced tests and models to highlight the cutaneous benefits of our active ingredients; among the most well-known are our Hydra Memory Test and our incomparable 3D dermis models.

On board
with sourcing expert

As they look for innovative substances, our researchers explore, grow and multiply in order to propose totally new raw materials :

Our team of explorers

With access to over 2,700 km of coastline in Brittany and an exceptional biodiversity, they collect, isolate and identify microorganisms that produce unknown molecules. The modeling of a totally unique bacterioplankton trap enables them to bring new strains back to the lab; of course, we own the intellectual property rights to these strains.

Our team of land and sea growers

On land, they work on growing plants chosen for their rarity. Initially grown using soiless methods (hydroponic and aeroponic) for the massive production of seed, these plants are later multiplied and farmed massively in greenhouses.

In the open sea inside a private and protected concession, they farm algae on submerged systems to guarantee the perpetuation of the species. Imported from South Korea, this growing method involves entirely manual harvesting and guarantees an exemplary raw material.

Our biotech engineers

use photobioreactors, which are tools that enable mastering the conditions for specific crops of ancestral micro-algae or of calcified algae that were unable to be farmed until now.

The CODIF biotechnological facility now covers over 1,000 square meters of surface area and has a growing capacity of over 10,000 liters. It also includes modules for extraction, depolymerization and high-tech purification.

  • From the identification of a new marine specie to the production of a biotechnological active ingredient

  • Manual harvest of Undaria after 6 months culture in the sea

Skin experts,
behind the scenes in the lab

  • The stars here are skin cells. Fibroblasts, keratinocytes and melanocytes are all studied and analyzed by our biologists. Our researchers are recognized for their skin expertise and the development of totally new models. Genomic, proteomic and more, have no secrets for our research team and are an integral part of CODIF jargon.

  • All our active ingredients are tested on skin cell cultures, skin explants or totally new 3D dermis models to identify and understand their anti-aging, moisturizing, firming and other benefits.

  • We also propose to use this cutaneous expertise in your own developments in order to support your skincare claims.

Tomorrow's research

Tomorrow's research

New discoveries will result from the unlimited observation of natural adaptations and of our ability to master the farming of resources. We design "skin-like" structures, grow new species and develop new extraction techniques. We want to make the infinitely small visible and magnify it naturally and technologically.