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The Jovial Skin Therapy

Good for the skin, good for the mind and good for the planet, EPS SEAGLOW works from the inside to make every day a "Good Skin Day". Through its action on the radiance and skin tone of the complexion, it boosts optimism and self-esteem.

  • Promotes cutaneous vascularization 
  • Revives the skin's natural rosy tone 
  • Improves optimism and self-esteem 
  • Marine origin 
  • Water-soluble 

What it is

Skin vascularization is altered during aging due to a progressive decrease in the formation of new blood vessels leading to a paler complexion.

Thanks to its specific composition of sulphated groups, EPS SEAGLOW acts from the inside and allows to revive the skin’s natural rosy tone for a brighter and fresher complexion.

Natural, Sustainable and Green
Obtained from marine microorganism isolated in Brittany, the EPS is then purified by a green transformation process.


Fresher and brighter complexion + 12%

Rosy Tone Effect observed by 90% of volunteers

Boosts optimism (x6 versus placebo)

Boosts self-esteem (x2 versus placebo)

How to use

Water-soluble ingredient to be used at 0.4% in:

  • a radiance day cream
  • a regenerating night serum
  • a global anti-aging treatment


Liquid format

Formulate at less than 50°C

Available versions

EPS SEAGLOW MNB: sodium benzoate / citric acid